Aim and scope

Indian Journal of Research in Management, Business and Social Sciences (IJRMBSS) is a national peer reviewed referred journal which aims at publishing high quality research findings and case studies in all sub-areas of Management, Business and Social Sciences. The journal aims at publishing research papers that are theoretical, empirical and/or application oriented.To this end, IJRMBSS invites manuscripts that provide novel managerial insights in any of the core management, business and social sciences vicinity. The manuscript should be rigorous, that is, the findings should be supported by either data or a well-justified theoretical model and well written. It should make original contribution of the author to the field and should have the scope of journal coverage. While these requirements are necessary for acceptance, they do not guarantee acceptance.

Key benefits

The journal will greatly contribute towards the research in Management, Business and Social Sciences. It will provide a platform for researchers in said area to publish their findings. Through the journal researchers may be able to focus on various situations, problems in said area and give solution on them.

Publication Information

IJRMBSS is published bi-annually. All editorial correspondence should be addressed to the Editor, Dr. Kailash J. Karande,Principal at SPSPM’s SKN Sinhgad College of Engineering(SKNSCOE), Gat No 664-669, Korti-Pandharpur, Tal- Pandharpur 413304 or send mail to